by Skinface

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Let's take a break from the seemingly infinite and go back to the black place that we began with
I'm standing without things that I'm thinking about
Trapped and I gotta get out
Doubtful, but you were always so fucking sure of it
Anyway, I'm trying to make my presence known in this expanse
Where I could offer myself up to join the waiting list
Instant and insatiable, I'm moving at glacier's pace lately
In case, and yeah I guess I feel okay

It's not too late to go the other way
Do you hear what I'm saying
Up in flames
This place is decaying
And I'm just waiting for your signal

Never thought you would know how to read my mind
What am I thinking all the time?
I'll give you a clue: it's not what you expected it to be
Okay I'm here, present in this moment, I own it
You had one chance, and you've blown it
But what am I to do when you're lookin' at my face
'Cause knowing something true isn't easy to replace
But I've gone and lost it, and I'm far from the purpose
Go limp and float to the surface
This is a game I never wanted to play, okay?

It's not too late to go the other way
Do you see where I'm going?
Am I coming back?
You have no way of knowing
And I'm just waiting for you signal

Every thought had me right on the ground
Let me see what you've got inside
I was left all alone in this place
But I've grown and I call it my home
It's been dark but I turned on a light
And I'm still on my own
But I'm feeling alright.


released August 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Skinface Chicago, Illinois

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