by Skinface

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two songs that i made in two days with mostly the casio Sk-1


released August 24, 2015

Skinface- everything



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Skinface Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Just Knowing That the Option is Open
Sometimes I latch onto it
Let it fill me up
Purpose, it's a cataract
When I get a little breath
I confess I get carried away

Just knowing that the option's there for me
Beside the meaning, lost for words
I try to muster up some energy
Cause I was in a dream for weeks
Anticipation brings the worst from me
I wanna show them I'm still here
I just need a little productivity
Cause I lost half my heart
And you don't care

Time stops for the valiant ones
Instinct holds me down
Patience, it's an artifact
When I get a taste lately
I'm waste deep it keeps consuming me

Just knowing that the option's there for me
Beside myself but I'm still here
I try to muster up some apathy
Cause I was given just one choice
This expectation brings the worst in me
I wanna show you who I am
Just need to find some sensitivity
Cause I was torn apart
And you don't care
Track Name: Forest of Sin
Servent of the silent space between
The messenger of doubt
How I thirst to wipe the record clean
I'll tell you what it's all about
I saw you dancing in a vision
And I came up cold
Crushed beneath the weight of my decision
I will do as I am told to
Do the thing I am afraid of
Will you cross my mind?
Only tried to show you what I'm made of
But my hunger left me blind
And i just let the river take me
To the place below
And I knew that you would make me grab a hold of it
I've got to let it go

Covered in your perfume
Sitting in a dark room
Wasted all the time
I tried to make it matter
This wall I cannot climb
I feel your indignation
A tiny indication
My final resignation
Make me someone else
It's getting hard to handle
I'm scratching at your door
You're slipping past me always
Sneaking through these hallways
Killing me in small ways
I was once like you
The truth is hard to manage
But I can't think it through
Please show me how to